Sites in Superior Tapestry

This page compiles all of the sites mentioned in Deborah K. Frontiera’s book Superior Tapestry into one easy-to-remember web page.  Why did we do this instead of giving you direct links in the book? Well, several good reasons as I hope to explain

  1. Web sites suffer from “internet rot”, about 20% of travel related sites disappear or move without notice each year.  The last thing I wanted was for you to buy a book with “dead links” in it!  In fact, if you notice anything funky about our links, please contact us immediately.
  2. Many web sites are from State of Michigan or local government trees.  As such, they are often very very long and it is unlikely you could ever type them correctly using a phone, for example
  3. We will make Special Offers on this page exclusively for Superior Tapestry readers, how great is that?

This page will be organized by chapter and all chapter numbers that have links will be listed.   And now, without further adieu, is the list by chapter:

  1. “Birch Bark Canoe” — Museum of Ojibwa Culture
  2. “Bahweting: The Sound of the Rapids”—Sault Ste. Marie Visitors Bureau
  3. “A Bell Tolls”— The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum.
  4. “Fox River Flowing”—  Tourist info for Seney.
  5. “One Piano’s Plinking”—  Gitche Gumee Agate and History Museum
  6. “Portrait of Pictured Rocks” —
    Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Michigan
    Pictured Rocks Cliff Collapse 2019
  7. “A Plum Assignment: Sand Point Lighthouse” — Friends of Sand Point Lighthouse
  8. “Ring ‘Round the Ages” — Marquette Regional History Center
  9. “A Failure in Forging Iron” — Michigan Iron Industry Museum
  10. “Saturday Sauna” — Hanka Homestead Finnish Museum
  11. “In Bishop Baraga’s Footprints” — Bishop Baraga Shrine
  12. “Chip of the Pines Casino” — Baraga County Historical Museum
  13. “Tools of the Home Speak” — Copper Range Historical Museum
  14. “The Quincy Mine Man Car” — The Quincy Mine Experience
  15. “A Bridge Across” —
    Carnegie Museum of the Keweenaw
    Keweenaw Crossing: Michigan’s Elevator Bridge (an MDOT video)
  16. “The Lady Be Good” —
    Houghton County Historical Society Museum
    Building the B-24: The Story of Willow Run (Ford Video)
  17. “A Stone’s Story” — Keweenaw Heritage Center
  18. “At the Corner of 7th and Elm” — Keweenaw National Historic Park
    U.P. author Steve Lehto’s video Christmas Eve – Remember the Italian Hall
  19. “Piles of Poor Rock” —
    Keweenaw National Historic Park
    Keweenaw Peninsula’s lakes – Gay Stamp Sands (a YouTube video)
  20. “Chrysler Calamity on the City of Bangor — Keweenaw County Historical Society
  21. “A Tree’s Tale” —
    Michigan Nature Association
    Estivant Pines Nature Sanctuary – Experience the Keweenaw (5 minute video)
  22. “Fireside Stories of Hearth and Home” —
    Fort Wilkins Historic State Park
    Michigan State Parks 100: Fort Wilkins (short video)
  23. “Famous Float Copper” —
    Ontonagon Historical Museum
  24. “Toppling Timber” — Ontonagon Historical Museum
  25. “Daily Happenings at the Ironwood Depot” — Ironwood Area Historical Society
  26. “Iron Mountain’s Monster Pump” — Cornish Pumping Engine and Mining Museum
  27. “Menominee’s Memory: The “Dudly Bug” — Menominee County Historical Society
    Spies Public Library
    Petersen Automotive Museum (LA) where the last known Dudly Bug sits

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